Product Series
Simplify 65C02 based MCU with IR transistor built-in for remote controller
T416 based 4-bit MCU with noise-immunity for simple control application
T416 based 4-bit MCU with multi channel AD converter (8 bit SAR ADC) and noise-immunity for home appliance control application
T416 based 4-bit MCU with low power LCD application
65C02 based MCU for LCD application
A/D 8-BIT with LCD driver
Built-in OP*2 with 6 channel comparator MCU
Built-in 2 channel R2F circuit (OKI 64164 like)
T416 based 4-bit MCU with very low power consumption for calculator application
Dual Slope MCU Built-in A/D 12-bit with LCD driver


Product Series
For VCD/DVD/TV player encoder
General purpose LCD controller with key scan function
Clinical thermometer
Camera controller series
Lamp controller
  LCD Driver

Product Series
LCD driver
LCD driver
LCD driver
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